Tsvi Kuflik


Tsvi Kuflik is a full professor and former head of the Information Systems Department at the University of Haifa, Israel. His main areas of research are Ubiquitous User Modelling and Intelligent User Interfaces. For over than fifteen years Tsvi is leading a research group at the University of Haifa, focusing on “Active Museum” – applying novel computing and communication technology for supporting museum visitors. Previously he was a researcher at the scientific and technological research institution in Trento Italy. Prior to that, Tsvi coordinated an industrial consortium that developed and implemented software reuse methodology. Prof. Kuflik is the author of over 250 referred publications in journals and conferences proceedings. Tsvi has been the chair and organizer of numerous international conferences and workshops, including the series of Personal Access to Cultural Heritage (PACTH) workshops during the past twelve years,. Tsvi is a distinguished ACM scientist, a senior IEEE member and the chair emeritus of IUI steering committee.

Talk: Advanced ubiquitous, context-aware technology for smart spaces

The talk will present a variety of technologies that can be applied for providing personalized, context-aware support for users in smart spaces. The talk will start by describing several applications of smart museums and their underlying technologies and use these concrete examples as a starting point for discussions about users’ needs, possible current and future solutions that may be considered and integrated when a smart environment is designed.