Nuno Nunes

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Nuno Nunes ( is a Full professor at Técnico U. Lisbon and the President of the Interaction Technologies Institute (ITI) a research unit of the LARSYS Associated Laboratory ( He’s also co-Director of the Carnegie Mellon International partnership ( and adjunct faculty at the HCII at CMU. Nuno’s research interests lie in the application of models to software, system and service design for the domains of environmental sustainability and participatory culture. Nuno is a strong advocate of the role of design in engineering. Nuno organised several key conferences of the ACM SIGCHI ( and published more than 150 peer-reviewed papers in international journals and conferences in the areas of software engineering, HCI and service science. He was PI and co-PI of several research projects totalling more than 12M€ from European to nationally and industry-funded.

Talk: Eco-centric interaction for the re-balance of the relations between humans and nature

The twin crisis of climate and nature requires the HCI community to rethink how to design technological interventions that reconcile concepts and theories for ecological computing and more-than-human design promoting climate and biodiversity actions and nature awareness and conservation. I will present insights, case studies and design guidelines on how to use technology to support more eco-centric interactions. Through these examples, I build the case for this new perspective which I named eco-centric interaction design.