Luigi Cicchese


Luigi Cicchese is Partner of Concept Reply, the IOT specialist team within the Reply Group. His company has more than 10 years’ experience on connected objects in complex environment.  He holds a master in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florence and an MBA from Lake School University in Chicago (IL). Prior to Reply Luigi as held many international positions as a R&D Director for Motorola always leading large development teams with a mix of hardware and software development. In his current position Luigi has dedicated his time to the innovation in the Industrial IoT and Connected Vehicle market also through several international research projects.

Talk: User interaction and experience in smart vehicles

The Challenge: Automotive faces crafting pioneering new blueprints to reach a different type of customer and shaping new relationships in unchartered mobility territories. It will be messy, we need to let go of some of the past, embrace the new. A recent analysis of leading OEMs revealed that there is no “stand out” connected car experience. Most functionality is the similar to identical and nobody has broken through the “ceiling” to include an eco-system of related “car” and “mobility” services. To create a break-out experience from the current “connect car” mold, we now have the opportunity to understand the rapidly changing mobility needs behaviors from a customer’s perspective and shape radically new experiences.